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95-Divorce Agreement
TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

Thomas sat down in front of me. He leaned his elbows on the table and

looking at my face told me:

"You got what you wanted. You married for money and now you are the owner of my fortune. Do not complain"

- "My new body is old and sick. Besides, I'm a man now. We should renegotiate divorce agreements "

- "You know I will not accept. I married you because you liked me and now I have got what I loved the most: YOUR BODY "

I came to propose that we remarry. A wedding in which he would be the bride and where I would put all my companies in his name. But he did not accept. He looked at me again with his immense black eyes and he replied:

- “As a man you are very little for my new body. I'll find someone younger, more handsome, and richer. You're not enough for a woman like me.”

And he left, perhaps forever, taking my body, my life and my future.

Buying a New Body - 2
TEXT Second part (Sorry for my bad english):

I was satisfied, when I woke up would be young again.

I do not know how long the operation lasted. I only know that upon waking I noticed the smell of flowers that surrounded me and felt that I was lying on a sofa. For a moment I feared that the operation would have failed, that it would not have been possible to carry out the exchange of body. But could feel the weight of my new breasts and the long hair on my delicate back. I had never been so happy and smiling went back to sleep.

Hours later Dr. Samuel awakened me with soft strokes on his face. Tried to open my mouth to complain, but could not. Could not talk. tried to open my eyes and look at him, but could not either. My eyes did not open and could not see anything. Could not move either. But I could hear the doctor's voice whispering in my ear. "The operation has been a complete success. I just proved that it's possible exchange a body between ages and between sexes. And not only that, I installed in your brain a switch that allows me to control all the sensory and motor functions of your new body.... I'll do you the favor that you can see". I heard the tapping of a few fingers on a tablet and suddenly my eyes filled with light and images. Before me was the old doctor and a blond young man of exuberant beauty. I did not know why but my female body was excited by his presence. "This young man is Carlo and the brain inside his head is that of Laura, the girl to whom you have stolen the body. Forgot to tell you that I like men and offered Laura transplant her brain to Carlo's body and to live forever together. But for that I need your money and I want you to give me all your properties. The flowers you are smelling are poisonous; if do not remove them from your side in less than 2 days you will begin to suffer hallucinations so horrible that three days later you will have died of a heart attack. If tell me what your bank accounts are, I will remove those flowers and in a week you will completely control your new body". He typed again on the Tablet and I was able to talk again. Of course I refused the offer. But instead of angering him seemed to pity him, he looked at me smiling and left promising that would return in three hours. Did not have to wait so long. The venom of the flowers was affecting me, and thought I saw monstrous creatures forming in the air that ripping my skin out with great jerks. Knew they were hallucinations, but I felt them as if they were real. So with loud voices demanded the presence of Samuel. I gave him all the information he asked for. All my fortune was his, but at least I would be young and beautiful again when fulfilled his part of the bargain. "It is time for you to fulfill what we agreed on in Cuba, you will be present in my exchange of body and later you will be free forever."

 I feeled the prick of a needle and the sedative leaking again on my arm, and when was beegin to slept I heard Samuel say: "The operation will be conducted by Laura, who has proven to be as good a student as you said and she learned the techniques in a few weeks".

This time had great nightmares, and when I woke up did it with the agitated breathing. I was lying on the couch again, and noticed again the smell of hallucinatory flowers. But it was not a hallucination when opened my eyes and I could see the beautiful face of Carlo who lovingly was grasping a hand, Laura's hand, the hand of the body he had tried to steal. The beautiful Laura looked at me with her huge green eyes and said: "I am Samuel, I always liked men and now have a body that also liked them. You have my old body and I have already warned the Cuban embassy . In a few moments members of the secret service will arrive and they will return you to the island. That way you will fulfill your promise to the cuban's government. I stay to enjoy my new life, your money and my lover's company." He lifted Marco's hand and kissed it. I could move, but did not have the strength to do it, this body was as old as mine, was tired and had just gotten out of a brain operation. I lay there watching them walk away forever.

Buying a New Body - 1
TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

I have so much money that can buy anything want. I can get everything I want. No matter how illegal or immoral, I can buy everything.

I had just turned 60 and noticed that my strength was beginning to fail, my brain was not working so fast. That is why I knew that the time had come to fulfill the greatest challenge of my life and to set in motion the most desired of my goals. It was time to exchange my body, to be young again, and a beautiful woman.

I hired a group of researchers who were in charge of looking for among the under 20s at the most impressive, whose have demonstrated a high Intellectual coefficient and a body with which they could work as models of lingerie. It was not an easy job to do and I did not want it to be it. I wanted a thorough search. So, I had to be patient and resigned to wait more than a year until they delivered me a list with the names of 12 perfect girls whose fulfilled all my requirements. In the list appeared the photos of twelve girls with their medical and social history, (I discarded 4 for the possibility that in the future they would had heart problems, or were subjected to psychiatric treatments). I also discarded 4 others because they are of foreign origin and have different customs or languages ​​and I would find it difficult to adapt me to their lives. Two others rejected them by his small stature, did not want short ones, I wanted a lingerie model body. In the end there were only two.

A girlish-looking blonde who turned out to be the daughter of a successful real estate investor and an 18-year-old brunette who looked like 25 and whose family was ruined. The choice was easy. I chose the brunette because it would be cheaper to buy her family.



A week later I met with her parents. They turned out to be a drunk and a drug addict who did not hesitate a second to sell me the parental authority of their daughter for little more than 100000 euros. Hours later, the beautiful girl had become my adopted daughter and the sole heiress of my fortune. I let go two months, and then informed the medical team I had prepared.

Finding Dr. Samuel was complicated, he had been expelled from the University and of the practice of medicine for "immoral and illicit activities" after achieving the impressive success of transplanting an 85-year-old man's brain into the comatose body of a young man from 14. The operation had been a complete success and although it had saved the old man's life the scientific community expelled him from his organizations and our government exiled him from the country. Since then he was continued practicing medicine in Cuban territory where he had been worked on extend the life of the Cuban gerontocracy. I had to pay several bribes and commit myself with the  tyranny with return them at the doctor to allow them to leave go. To Dr. Samuel I offered him two things, a great deal of money and the commitment to help him get another body so that he would be young again.

The operation was not delayed much, Samuel was in a hurry to collect the money and find a body for himself and accelerated the process. I did not want risks, I did not trust the doctor and paid him less than half, the rest I would delivered him with my new body and my new life. But Samuel found it enought for him and set the process in motion. He summoned me at 10 o'clock from one of my mansions where he had set up the laboratory. When I arrived I found my new daughter sleeping on a hospital bed in the basement of the mansion. It was lit with large light bulbs, and there seemed to be none of the helpers she had hired for Samuel. There was an empty bed beside me, and Samuel motioned me to lie down on it. The moment has come! he told me as he put on his medical mask. I lay on it and felt the sedative injected on my arm. After a second prick and I started to fall asleep.

94- Attack in Barcelona
TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

Today I want to become death.

I want to fill my hands with blood.

I want to take out their eyes and eat their entrails.

I do not want to be a god, I do not want to be a vengeful angel.


I invited them to my house and gave them to fed.

I let them sleep in my bed and took care of their brothers.

Today I want to call his parents and tell them that I have killed their children.


Today evil has attacked in Barcelona, ​​in my land, in my house, against my brothers and my parents.

Today I want to become death.

Once Upon a Time-Second Part
TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

"Very easy, books are the magic mirrors of humans to enter our kingdom. When they open one and read it, they can see our fields, our rivers and our castles and on their fantasy they become princesses, magicians or enchanted knights. That is the moment when you can say the word "CHANGE" and when they will be trapped in their imagination and will become tale characters and you can being more real than any of them.

For weeks the queen waited for some human to read the storybook where she had hidden the magic mirror. Until one night the guardian of the library took the book from a shelf. He sat on the floor and began to read it. He was becoming more and more enthusiastic about what he read. He imagined that he was visiting the land of "Once upon a time" that he knew giants, unicorns and seven dwarfs. But everyone was sad because at the princesses had been stolen her beauty. Meanwhile the evil queen was waiting for the moment to say the word "CHANGE" and to enter the world of the living. But she couldn't do it  because the bookseller did not was feeling happy in the world of books. Everything were sad, he was not comfortable, it did not feel as good as other times. Everything had changed, everything was worse. He could not allow what this will continue so bad, he should regain the joy of the kingdom. He had to change everything. And the bookseller said: "Everything is very sad, there is no joy, everything must CHANGE"

All mirrors have two faces and the bookseller had said the magic word "CHANGE" in front of the mirror. At that moment he noticed how his body was being transformed, all the beauty that the bad queen had stolen from Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Mulan, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and Merida escaped the queen's control, crossed them the mirror and filled bookseller's body.

The librarian felt astonished as his body became the most beautiful girl in the country. In a few seconds the magic of the mirror and the power of the books had turned their dreams and fantasies into reality.

Meanwhile the queen was frightened. Everything had gone wrong, she had lost the beauty he stole with the mirror. But it did not matter, she would steal them again and would be young again and the most beautiful.

The librarian had become a beautiful woman, a young girl and, most importantly, had become the princess of "Once Upon a Time" and she want to make the subjects of her new kingdom happy. And the kingdom was not going to be happy being governed by her bad and cruel queen. The new princess was to overthrow her and become the queen of "Once Upon a Time."

She thought about it carefully, picked up a stone, and broke the mirror. The old queen was so attached to the mirror that her soul also broke with the glass. And a soulless queen can not be queen, so, the citizens of the kingdomcrowned the princess as the new queen of "Once Upon a Time".

Never had a bookseller come so high, and there never was a queen who was so beautiful, so good, and so dear to her subjects.

And the whole kingdom was happy because when the mirror shattered, Cinderella regained her blue eyes, Belle her figure, Rapunzel her hair, Mulan her nose,Snow White her skin clear, Jasmine her precious nose, Ariel her breasts and Merida her smile .


And they all lived happily ever after.



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